Quy trình sản xuất 1 đôi giày cầu lông | Đôi giày bạn mang sân hàng ngày

Quy trình sản xuất 1 đôi giày cầu lông | Đôi giày bạn mang sân hàng ngày

Giày cầu lông được sản xuất theo quy trình rất dài và rất khắt khe

1.Design confirmation step:

First, the shoe factory will make a paper pattern according to the design drawing; the overall upper design and materials will be confirmed numerous times with the designer.

2.Materials preparation:

All the materials for the upper and sole are prepared and cut into cuts, including vamp, outsole and insole cuts.

3.Sewing of the shoe upper(vamp):

The various cuts are sewn together and checked before going to the next stage.

4.Upper forming:

First, the heel shape is fixed then pulling thread from shoes is carried out (Note 1,) then the shoe last is inserted (note2) so that the upper fits snugly around the show last.

Note 1:The upper and the mid-sole are machine-sewn together

Note 2:The shoe last is a mold that is shaped like a foot

5. Outsole/Sole forming:

To ensure that the upper, the rubber bottom and the sole are glued tightly together; the glued surfaces are roughened and then glued together. After gluing, the sole is fixed so that the various parts stick together tightly.After this, the sole is inspected and is finished.

6. Shoe assembly:

To tightly join the upper and the sole the glued surfaces must be roughened and then pressed and held together.

7. Inspection and packaging:

After the shoe last is removed, an overall inspection is carried out; if no faults are found the shoes are packaged.

To complete the manufacture of every pair of high quality badminton shoes that have both design feel and functionality the shoes have to go through several dozen processes, requiring a large amount of labor and around 30 working days.

It is his meticulous manufacturing process that allows VICTOR’s badminton shows to maintain their professional image.

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